Engineered pavers

With the ability to customise colour, finish and texture to suit any project. The possibilities are endless.


Albany Beige Honed

Albany Beige Shotblast

Albany Beige Milled

Casino Grey Honed

Casino Grey Shotblast

Casino Grey Milled

Fleece Honed

Fleece Shotblast

Fleece Milled

Golden Gunmetal Honed

Golden Gunmetal Shotblast

Golden Gunmetal Milled

New Amber Honed

New Amber Shotblast

New Amber Milled

Ivory Honed

Ivory Shotblast

Ivory Milled

PCC Honed

PCC Shotblast

PCC Milled

River Topaz Honed

River Topaz Shotblast

River Topaz Milled

Western Cream Honed

Western Cream Shotblast

Western Cream Milled

Granite Bronze Honed

Granite Bronze Shotblast

Granite Bronze Milled

Granite Cream Honed

Granite Cream Shotblast

Granite Cream Milled

Gunmetal Honed

Gunmetal Shotblast

Gunmetal Milled

Silver Grey Honed

Silver Grey Shotblast

Silver Grey Milled


  • 200 L x 200 W x 40 T mm
    200 L x 200 W x 60 T mm





Honed Shot


Square Edge

Full Round

Half Round

Shark Nose

Chamfered Edge

Single Groove step Tread

Triple Groove step Tread

paving accessories

Dual Colour Step Treads


Bespoke Bollards

Directional tactile Paver

Hazard Tactile Paver