Natural Stone Tables

size range series approx weight finishes available bullnose

 200 L x200 W x 20 T mm

200 L x200 W x 60 T mm

 Commercial Paving  200 series



 Shotblast | Milled | Honed | Honed Shot | Polished  


The UrbanStone Commercial range has the following Slip Ratings:

Polished - P2 | Honed - P3 | Milled/Exfoliated - P4 | Shotblast - P5


 Slip Rating Applications according to Australian Standard HB198:2014
P5 External Ramps steeper than 1:14 | Loading docks | Commercial kitchens | Swimming pool ramps and stairs
P4 External colonnade and walkway | Pedestrian crossings, driveways | Verandahs, Balconies | Serving areas behind bars, cold stores | Swimming pool surrounds | Communal shower rooms
P1 Entries and access areas - public buildings - DRY | Supermarket aisles (Except fresh food)


* Endurastone and Terre ranges being used as pool copping are recommended to be sealed on the top and the bottom of the unit.
** Indicates these units are available only in Western Australia.
^ Contact Austral Masonry regarding installation requirements.