QUT Gardens Point

Queensland University of Technology’s campus is the perfect marriage of the past and present.


Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus


UrbanStone Commercial, Natural Stone


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An architectural culmination of heritage features and contemporary, innovative design, QUT’s building pays homage to the site’s history and the technology and innovation that the establishment strives to culminate.

Whilst many consider the University to be a new building, the history of the institution actually spans back as far as 1849, however it was only approved with University status in 1989. Whilst the ‘University’ itself has technically only existed for 32 years, there are heritage elements of the building that offer a nod to the rich tradition of the establishment.

A part of the University’s Garden Point Campus remodel, UrbanStone Commercial Natural Stone Pavers line the University’s exterior flooring. Ensuring a timeless design style and durability, the pavers are sure to last the test of time, both in functionality and in aesthetic appeal. The finish and colour of the pavers was chosen to complement the existing buildings within the University campus. The literal meeting-ground between old and new, the pavers had to exist in unison alongside the University’s heritage sandstone buildings and its contemporary glass-facade structures. Successfully creating a seamless flow and design harmony between the two, the sandstock stone pavers seamlessly complement the historic and modern builds.

The ideal option for schools, UrbanStone Pavers are able to withstand high levels of foot-traffic and are durable enough to hold their own against exposure to the elements be it rain, hail or shine. Furthermore, their tactile finish and patina ensure that they have slip-resistant qualities, perfect for the bustle of school break times, whilst still maintaining a sleek finish and aesthetic quality.

“With the ability to sit beautifully alongside the ecru tones of the sandstone buildings, and to pair with the lush green lawns and natural materiality of the space, the pavers imbue the University’s outdoor space with a simultaneous feeling of grandiose and earthiness.”