An Accolade For UrbanStone’s New Accolade Paver

An aesthetically unmatched paver high in both form and function, UrbanStone’s new Accolade paver is a market first.



Specially crafted for outdoor spaces, UrbanStone’s new Accolade Paver is stylish, timeless and has a firm architectural gravitas. The small format paver is meticulously crafted and considered, cast from sand, stone, and cement, rendering the product resistant to the natural wear and tear associated with high-use areas and larger format pavers.

Brett Ward, General Manager International Marketing, Brickworks, said of the new product, “Accolade Pavers are an exciting addition to the Brickworks’ offering. With unparalleled quality and a refined finish, it is the perfect option for designers and homeowners alike.”

The Accolade Paver is uncompromising in its ability to meet and exceed manufacturing standards. Incredibly hard-wearing and durable in its materiality, the paver is ideal for multi-use communal spaces, as well as residential and commercial projects. A key point of difference between the small-scale Accolade Pavers and other larger format products is the scope for human quality and engagement. With this product, there is no need for machine installation, allowing a more bespoke and curated application.

The Accolade Paver is manufactured using the most advanced wet-cast technologies in Australia. The structural properties of the pavers exceed the most demanding application, as well as slip and abrasion ratings. Perfectly honed and free of aggregate, the Accolade Pavers offer a streamlined, smooth profile.

For versatility, the Accolade Pavers comes in 5 different nature-inspired colourways. Included in this range are soft shell-like whites, muted ochres and cool blue-greys. Each colour chosen is inspired by Australia’s stunning landscape, and will complement any design style. The clean and contemporary finish of the paver is a nod to modern architectural trends, whilst being timeless and understated.

To achieve the smooth and clean look of the Accolade Pavers, a matte sealant has been used, drawing out the pigment and emphasizing the natural tones of the pavers. The Accolade Pavers are a durable, timeless product that has both outstanding aesthetic appeal as well as durability.

Combining the finest quality materials with skilled craftsmanship, the Accolade Paver is the ultimate outdoor product of choice.

“The Accolade Paver is an exciting addition to the UrbanStone’s’ offering. With unparalleled quality and a refined finish, it is the perfect option for designers and homeowners alike.”